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Posted 24th Jul
Has anyone had a voucher or Refund yet? Been waiting since 8 th of June.
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No but got our £3700 back from tui and just waited a week
I did but waiting around 2 months for it
Got all money back, last for an flight end of April after 2 month what they mentioned in the refund email. Don't mind, money was spent anyway already.
Got refund for trip in April. Think came about 2 months later, within the 90 days they state before contacting them.
I got offered a change of flights or voucher 2 weeks before we were due to fly,cancelled villa we were due to stay at and swapped our £350 flight for a £1600 flight at no extra cost.
I got my refund on the 91st day after my outward flight. They say its a 90 day wait. 90 days was a sunday so about right.
So still a while to wait then.
They say wait till 31st July for refunds
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