Easy. No bake dessert ideas?

Posted 16th Dec 2019
Need something that would be quick and easy to make in no time with little ingredients.

No oven therefore no bake
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christmas pudding ( microwave ) , eton mess , cheesecake , tiramissu , come on the list is endless !!
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Buy it
Cheesecake is very easy - particularly lime or lemon.
How about Tiramisu?
Cold rice pudding. Yum!
I make this sometimes Chocolate hazelnut cheesecake. Only three ingredients and tastes like ferrero rocher
Trifle surely 🎅🏻
Strawberry angel delight with chocolate sprinkles🤤
A simple, yet delicious no-bake dessert that everyone will love. Butter biscuits are layered with a chocolate cream, refrigerated until set, then served. NOTE: This recipe contains raw eggs.


And I love Malteaser Tiffin
Creamy, extra cooling and with a crunchy bite! Ready in less than 10 minutes, this yogurt dessert is the perfect way to finish off a hearty meal. A light and smooth yogurt and lemon based cream with a wonderful texture, which resembles a lemon mousse, combined perfectly with crispy biscuits resulting in the perfect yogurt dessert! The key for this wonderful texture is to use strained yogurt, as it is smoother and creamier than other yogurts and make sure you use it cold! Top with some lemon zest or fresh mint and a sprinkle of crushed dark chocolate.


800g strained yogurt (28 ounces)
400g sweetened condensed milk (14 ounces)
zest and juice of 1 lemon
200g biscuits Petit beurre or digestive (7 ounces)


To prepare this creamy yogurt dessert, add the yogurt, condensed milk and the zest and juice of 1 lemon in a large bowl, whisk, until the ingredients combine and the mixture is smooth and creamy like a mousse.
To serve, place some crumbled biscuits on the bottom of a glass or a bowl and top with the yogurt mousse. Layer the ingredients, according to your preference and top with some lemon or lime zest and crushed dark chocolate.
Mars bar rice crispy cakes with chocolate on
Arctic Roll!!

Jokes aside:

Cranachan, Eton Mess or even a shop bought meringue and top with whipped double cream with a splash of vanilla and some icing sugar, raspberries, strawberries and coulis or chocolate sauce, or both!!.
Birds Trifle
Wow. Thanks I’d like to make it myself or the in laws lol
I'm always seeing nice looking ones on YouTube
Eton mess is easy and always tastes great.
I make my own coffee liqueur ice cream and salted caramel brandy ice cream, each one only has like 4 ingredients, only requires a mixer and a freezer, and because of the alcohol it stays soft scoop
trifle. i made this when i was at school but i can't remember how to make it any more. i just remember putting jelly in hot water and then squirting cream on the solidified jelly.

it wasn't very nice and it went straight in the bin, lol
Cheese cake - very simple and doesn’t take long
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