Easy to put on childs swimming hat?????

Found 18th Aug 2012
My 9yr old daughter starts school swimming lessons in sept and she needs a waterproof swimming hat, does anybody know of any easy to put on hats or are they all difficult!! she has very thick hair and i know she'll struggle.

Many thanks
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When I was young, on swimming days, my mum would plait my hair and that made it much easier to get the cap on. Let her also take a small bottle of talcum powder as that helps a lot!
Make sure the cap is dry before putting it on and as suggested Plait or tightly bun her hair.
We always had a little bit of talc in our hats made them easier to put on
i started swimming in school at 4, and as they wouldnt let mums in to help, i went from long hair to short hair that i could manage myself, when i was a little older and could cope myself i just grew it out again, why not just ask your daughter if she fancies a change, a cute bob can look very nice,
or if she likes her hair how it is, just get you and her to practise doing it before school starts you can do the plaits for her and she can get used to putting the cap on, trial runs will help her feel more comfortable with it come september
Turn it inside out,fill with water,put it on top of her head,pull down quickly.sorted
U can get cloth type swim hats which aren't waterproof, but once that's on her head, she won't have to worry about her hair to try and put the latex/silicone waterproof one on. That's what I do anyway, so I'm wearing 2 cs. Im sure the auction sites etc also do silicone/latex hats for longer hair.
I get my daughter adult sized ones, for some reason they seem to be more stretchy?
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