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Found 26th Nov 2008
My mother has decided that she wants a laptop to keep in touch with friends, do a bit of surfing, internet shopping etc. Problem is, she is a 75 year old technophobe!!
Therefore I am looking for a REALLY easy to use, easy to understand, laptop with as large a screen as possible (eyes aren't that good either!)

I want to spend around £300 and it only needs to have the capibility of internet connection, pre loaded word or equivalent and as I said a large screen. She doesn't need fancy graphics cards or enourmous memory, but I don't want one so cheap that it won't last a year.

Having searched the net I am pretty baboozled as to which would be the best to go for so any help would be much appreciated.
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Any laptop will do.
One isn't going to be more easier to use than another as you will presumably be using Microsoft software.
Get the cheapest one you can find. Even go secondhand.
Anything should be able to cope with the internet and word.
Also (again assuming you will be running Windows) you can configure your desktop environment to be more easily viewed by the visually-impaired user by making both the icons and the default font sizes extra large.
You want a large screen AND a low resolution, a 17" screen at 1920x1200 is going to be harder to read than a 13" screen at 1280x800. Luckily that's what you get with cheapy laptops.
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