Easy to use MP3/4 2-4GB player for the wife


    The wife is after a nice easy to use MP3/4 player (like the ipods but wants it much cheaper than they are) i.e. with good menus and ablum organisation etc. I like the look of the sandisk e series and the Dane-Elec Meizu .

    Any recommendations?


    (not sure why its gone bold! ):?


    I can recommend you meizu. Fantastic players but i need to get rid of mine cos im getting an ipod touch for its wifi selling mine here if your intrested:…izu took a while for someone to reply to your request!

    Anyways........I have just got a Sony mp3 and have to say it is a breeze to use.The menus are very intuitive and the sound is fabulous.The new NWZA series no longer uses the awful sonicstage,just drag and drop with WMP:thumbsup:

    ]Sony NWZA 816 4gig at £75.99

    Not sure if this is over your budget but I can heartily recommend it!:)
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