Easy way to remove woodchip wallpaper

Found 10th Dec 2016
Next week I need to build up the courage to start attacking some horrible woodchip wallpaper that some tenants put on my stairs and hallway. I remember from previous experience how disgusting woodchip is to remove - almost impossible in some places. Does anyone know any tips for removing this without killing myself or breaking my hands - I dont have much strength to start with??
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Get someone else to do it! It's an absolute pig to remove. Steamer and elbow grease!
I had to strip a whole house with it, I had a wallpaper steamer which helped but was still a horrible job.
If it's only tenants that put it up, then you'll be OK. It's when it's been on a million years that the pain happens! Get a steamer and away u go. Assuming your tenants didn't stick it up in the 80s
its messy and time consuming work but if your score it eith your scraper in diamonds put a towel underneath it then absolutely soak it in hot water with a mop leave it a minute or two n then go at it, it does come off
Hire an industrial steamer. If they've painted the paper with shiny paint you may need to slash the paper with a Stanley knife to let it penetrate too.
We just moved into a new office and it was a hideous task but this was atleast an effective solution.
Hire a heavy duty steamer and get as many people as you can to scrape!
Just stripped off some 15 y/o stuff that was painted, as above score and steam and use a nice wide scraper.

You dont need an industrial strength steamer though, the cheapo one from screwfix is just as good.
The steam lasts for about 80-90 minutes, so perfect for when you want to stop and have a tea/coffee break.

be careful not to get sockets damp.
score the wallpaper, and soak with warm soapy water (as Giant said - watch the sockets). It needs repeating over a few days. Its not a quick job. I did both my landings and it was a nightmare. The results were amazing though, still needs a little TLC. It was well worth the blood sweat and tears (literally) oO

Good luck!
Well it is 2016... woodchip went out with pulp in the year 2000
yep steamer best option unfortunately

Well it is 2016... woodchip went out with pulp in the year 2000

They put it in in 2013 after destroying my new modern wallpaper, instead of saying went behind my back and papers ONLY ONE SIDE of the hallway and stairs in woodchip. To say I wasnt pleased when the agent said no damage is definitely an understatement. Looks like steam job it is then, no one to help so have to scrape at it.
couldn't resist.
as others have said, score and steam stripper.
a bomb
First world problems.

Stick the radio on, have a dance and get it done.
Scrape just the wood chips off best you can while paper is dry. Don't spend to long doing this. Get a garden sprayer. Pressure one is best with continuous spray. Use hot water and spray paper. Leave 10 mins and spray again. Leave 10 mins and spray again. Start scraping when paper is soft to remove or damage paper to allow water to soak in. Spray again. Scrape, spray, scrape. I use wallpaper scrapers. Standard Scrapers. Wood chisels. Anything to remove paper that has a sharp edge and I continue to Sharpen the tools as I go. Takes about a day to do lounge walls but I do make it look easy. Guess when you are paid to do things on a fix price you learn quick and get it done.
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Just finished our bedroom, used a zinser it worked brilliantly and didn't take that long at all.
As already said use a wallpaper scorer..
Effort works for me.
Out entire house was covered in the stuff. It is now woodchip free... after about 3 rooms i discovered you peel off the top thin layer which would keave exposed woodchips on top of another layer. Take an old squirty bottle (think flash etc) with hot water and start squirting, leaving it for 5 mins or so as you work across so it really soaks up the warm water. Then use a plastering trowel to remove it as you would normal paper.
Score wallpaper with a knife then spray it all with warm water and fairy liquid mixture, leave to soak for a few minutes then scrape off
I've done it a few times, slash the wallpaper with a Stanley knife then sponge on water and leave for a while if you can. Use a steamer and a good strong scraper
That's it. Slash and score! What a mess the walls will be in with scratches everywhere. That's worse than a steamer that heats up the top layer of skim plaster causing it to blow off wall. Just use hot water on paper and scrape. Don't damage walls.
I had a whole house covered in the stuff and polystyrene ceiling tiles! Not the most pleasant job but very satisfying getting it off. Mine had several coats of paint on it. You need a steamer and a wide scraper. For the paint, scoring gently with a stanley knife to penetrate the painty bit to get the top layer off with the steamer then steaming again once you've got that bit off. Whats left will easily come off with another quick steam. You soon get into a pattern with it and can be done fairly quickly but your arms will ache! I found too that the steam made the polystyrene tile adhesive lift off easily too as that was a pig to get off. All looks lovely now tho!
You need to scratch the surface, load of nails knocked though a bit of board should do that. Then loads and loads of straying with water leaving an hour between each spray. When it start peeling removing with a scrapper. Steam might make it quicker but you should still scrape it.
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