Easy ways of going to bed?(not going to sleep)

    A simple idea but I have problems with it, before I had my first flat 4 years ago I was rarely up past 3am apart from when a family member died and I was messed up for about a year and it took me anything from 5 minutes to a hour to get to sleep but was relaxing and calm.

    After I got my first flat I got the internet, so played a lot of online games, was on Youtube a lot and such and since then my sleep patterns have gotten worse, was still around 3-4am for 6 months before personal issues meant I went to bed around 6am each night then that got better 3 years ago when I started uni and went back to 3am for 6 months(must be some sort of pattern) then moved to halls and it started slipping a lot again.

    I might go on but you get the picture but about a year and a half ago moved to a very noisy student property where me and the surrounding rooms couldnt sleep as one guy had friends round every night and took plenty of drugs so I slept during the day and was up all night and never totally recovered from that but last summer moved to a small house and went back to sleeping around 4am

    These days I either am tired to the point I go to bed any time from 10pm-2am but then either sleep for 12-14 hours or wake up early and go to bed at 10pm next night and the cycle continues with me feeling awful until one night I stay awake to say 4am and my sleep pattern is 4-7am for a few weeks.

    Its all down to energy, if I went to bed midnight and had 8 hours sleep I feel bad, if I wake up lunchtime I feel ok but as I had 12 hours sleep I dont feel like bed at midnight.

    Any ideas bar changing sleep pattern which is hard?


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    Oh and if you dont read all of that I basically mean I have problems with concentration, if I turned off pc before 3am(which I want to be my set latest bed time) then I feel like I have stopped mid thought though if I did that I have a lot of information in my head and so I either drop off as I am blocking it or stay awake for ages then drop off and sleep late because I havent done everything I could and in morning my mind is still racing.

    Get a girlfriend

    I sort of know what you mean, I go to sleep around 4ish and am up around 8-9ish normally.... I find i just make sure i make up for my sleep at weekends... well mostly

    I have EXACTLY the same problem. I am at uni and rarely find myself falling asleep before 3-4am. The only two ways that I seem to fall asleep naturally are sleeping at my girlfriends (I do not know if it's her bed or her presence in it?) or listening to classical music.

    I find the latter sooths me more than I ever expected - I have always been a rock/trance fan and laughed at classical music; but it really does help me sleep, so I would suggest giving it a try at least!

    you need to get into a pattern, they say that you need 6-7 hours sleep.

    if your having problems sleeping increase your physical activity so that your tired at the end of the day. have a bath to relax, and as Creilly mentions when you go to bed put on some calming music.

    or get a job working nights!!!

    Get bladdered

    Drinking scotch and furious hand shandy action worked for me ( not at the same time obviously)

    On a serious note, it sounds like you are mentally tired as opposeed to physically tired. It's esy to say, but make time to exercise and then you'll sleep. Another alternative is to cut out all stimulants, eg caffine nicotine, etc afet, say 9 pm

    Make your bed a place for sleep. So dont take your laptop to bed or watch tv in bed as they will become associated with your bed as opposed to what you should be doing

    Do some physical exercise (not before bed, but in the early evening to tire yourself out a bit that way) and don't play the computer at that time of night.

    Watch some TV to relax the mind and body, then hit the hay.

    knock one out just before you want to sleep, or leave the tv on in the background on quiet, something like a news channel should be dull enough.

    Have you thought about getting a light box? I have got a Philli[s GoLite one, expensive, but has a 30 (or could be 60 day) guarantee and it made a real difference to me.
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