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    Just booked a deal with Easycar online. All looked good until the final confirmation page where all of a sudden extra costs were added and a different total given to the previous page.

    Ive immediately cancelled but what also makes it worse is that they state that before total cancellation they will look at other car rental companies and notify us within 24 hours. If Ive cancelled as Im entitled to do free of charge as per T&C's then why isnt that the end of it.It should be CANCELLED full stop.


    Go "Enterprise" as what you see online is what you pay...

    Yes, they automatically add the extra insurance. Don't worry, if they find a cheaper price you don't have to accept it. Just rebook and make sure you untick the "extra insurance" box. P.S. Don't forget Quidco.

    Use '' for the excess insurance. It's much cheaper.

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    Thanks for the replies.

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    Use '' for the excess insurance. It's much cheaper.

    Thanks for the tip. I went with Questor as I live in France and not all will insure unless you are a UK resident but Questor do and with MSE 25% off the cover came to €15 for 6 days and the hire was €37 for 6 days so a total of €52 instead of about €125 +.

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    Update: Yep, easycar certainly tried to rip us off. They didnt cancel and only gave us a part refund for the optional insurance . So be warned when you hit cancel , it doesnt mean cancel it means they will try and stitch you up with something else you dont want.
    Good news is, our credit card company sorted it out.
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