EasyHotel Credit Card Charges not shown in final price.

    I recently booked two rooms with EasyHotel, and when i clicked through to the end i didn't add any extras such as wanting a window(!). Final price for one of them was 25 quid for one night in their heathrow hotel, and 45 quid for a night in their Victoria one.
    However when the cost appeared on my statement there was a 1.95 extra charge on there per booking. At no point did i see a note saying there was a c.card fee, also it wasn't added to my final price when i chose to pay by c.card. As if it had been shown i'd have used a debit card to avoid that little extra.
    Is this practice normal or indeed ethical? Is there something wrong with it? It really stinks to me. Not for the sums involved but for the underhanded manner it is taken, not giving me all the information before i paid for their product.

    I always thought (maybe naively) that 'final price' MEANT 'final price'?

    I looked again after writing the above, and there is a note above where you enter card details, stating 1.95 charges for credit or debit card. However i'm still annoyed that it wasn't added to the final price where i would have seen it. Do i just have to take this one as my fault?


    "there is a note above where you enter card details, stating 1.95 charges for credit or debit card"

    Fairly obvious what the answer is to this one I think.

    Original Poster

    I queried it on the website, just to voice my opinion on not showing the final price. The response was:

    "Please see the below screenshot clearly showing the charge you have referred to during your booking process.
    The reason it doesn't show on your final transaction page s simply because you could of opted for using a debit card, or credits from previous booking which carry no transactions charges at all!
    Hope this clarifies everything, if you need further clarification please do not hesitate to contact me"

    Whilst i realise that response is wholly inaccurate, and the exclamations were his inclusion regardless of this.
    It just seems dishonest to me, even Ryanair, who are the subject of countless negative posts on here, are more open and honest with the final price when you hit the purchase button.
    I'm not going to not ever use them again, as if they're cheapest i will, but it grates when you're charged more than you thought you would be.

    Ironically i booked the room as i'm off with Traveleyes the following day.
    They specialise in holidays for blind or visually impaired people. I myself am lucky enough to have sight but you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise this time!
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