Found 6th Mar 2009
They've e-mailed me to say the return leg of my journey has been changed to depart one hour later than originally booked.

They give me the option to click through, which then lets me apply for a credit (refund) or book a different return flight.

Presumably, I don't need to do anything if I want to come home on the re-scheduled flight.

Amazingly, they want to charge me 65p per minute to talk to them.


Did you get your up to 25% discount???
How do you know?
What was the PRE discount price ?????
They will not even tell you what it is .


No you wont need to do anything if you still plan on catching the same flight (although it is an hour later)
And yes i agree, really needs to be a freephone number.

Yes we had this happen as well coming home from Paris. You don't need to do anything, just show up an hour later - And re-arrange airport transport if you have it booked already

When I had to re-book on easyjet I found a regular phone number by doing a search on

got through a lot faster than otherwise would have

You can just click through to check your options and not alter anything if you want to stay with your flight.

We had a flight back from Madeira cancelled by Easyjet and had to stay another two days!! It was a few weeks before departure but we weren't delighted.
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