Easyjet A320 Seating Plan

Found 7th Feb 2017
I've got allocated seating in 30E and 30F and assumed it must be one of their brand new or retrofitted aircraft that have 186 seats since the existing ones only have 180, stopping at row 29 on the RHS and 31 on the LHS. I was happy with this as there's another row behind not a bulkhead. But I just found a seatmap with 183 seats with row 30 at the back on the RHS. Do they have versions with Y180 Y183 and Y186 seating or is the seatmaestro plan incorrect?



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or reduced leg room to make a new row
Can't you log onto Easyjet and try to change seat to see what the layout is (select the upgrade option to see what it shows you)? Seat Guru also gives a seat layout for the flight number you enter (although it can be wrong).
At the end of the day E & F are a window and central seat near the back (where it is noisiest). I would just make the most of whatever you get.
Strange thing is, if I try to change seats it only shows me as if it's an A319 up to row 26.
Think you will be seated in the toilets Budget Airlines oO
how far are you flying? Bulkhead to Spain is one thing but they fly the new ones all the way to Israel - that would be a killer!

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