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Posted 22nd Mar 2017
The price of our flight has gone down so we rang up and we've been given a £130 credit voucher. What can i actually spend this on? I was hoping i was gona be able to buy duty free on the plane but i read you can only use it while ringing up. If i cant use it for duty free could i ring up and use it to reserve seats and book in-flight meals ? Or could i give the voucher to someone else to use ?
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You can use it towards another booking or for additional luggage, reserve seats and yes you can give it to someone else to use but no I don't think you can use it on duty free.
According to article 25 of their terms and conditions it states 'You will be refunded the difference as a credit voucher against future Flights on easyJet.' The voucher codes must be used within six months and if you are using more than one code for a booking then you have to book by ringing customer services rather than booking online where you can only use one code. However you definitely can't use it on duty free.
Thanks for the replys. Does it all have to be used at once ?
I wouldn't have thought so as £130 is more than enough for lots of flights. Customer services will obviously advise you if and when you make another booking. Meanwhile contact easyjet Here and ask them more about partially using the vouchers or perhaps using them against food and drink vouchers. Unfortunately the live chat feature has been withdrawn on the website.
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Thanks for the replys. Does it all have to be used at once ?

No you can use part but all has to be used within 6 months, otherwise you lose it.
I have had a few of these vouchers and as far as I'm aware a flight voucher can be used against the cost of a new flight booking or to add extras such as hold luggage, allocated seating on a new or existing booking.
The Voucher does have to be used within 6 months but it can be put towards 12 months in advance flight bookings.
Sorry the voucher can't be used on the plane towards duty free or food and drink.
Voucher can be used in part or full.
Shame Easyjet have now changed the rules on Price Promise -
Some people sell them on ebay
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