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Easyjet Domestic Flights - Photo ID

Posted 11th Apr 2006
I'm booking a domestic easyjet flight for my girlfriend's sister, who's 17. She'll be flying from Belfast to London and back again.

Does anyone know if a provisional driving license will be accepted as valid photo-id?

Their website is useless - i've spent an hour trying to find out. They don't have a good contact us webapge and I've spent 30 minutes on their premium numbers trying to find out to no avail!
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Easyjet say:

"We currently accept the following as valid forms of photo ID for all easyJet flights: Passport (and parent can vouch for child's ID where child is on parents' passport), Driver's licence, Forces pass, Airport staff pass and Translink Senior Smartpass. We will be accepting the new NI electoral card and welcome the extension of forms of photo ID, as we do not wish the ID requirement to be onerous on passengers."


"The airline requires all passengers to provide photographic ID at check-in on all flights including domestic services.

Acceptable forms of ID on UK domestic flights are:

A valid passport - an expired passport can be used up to a maximum of two years after expiry
Valid photographic EU or Swiss national identity card
Valid photographic driving licence
Valid armed forces identity card
Valid police warrant card/badge
Valid airport employees security identity pass
A child on parent' s passport is an acceptable form of ID
Valid photographic firearm certificate
Valid Government-issued identity card
SMART card
Electoral identity card

Acceptable form of non-photographic ID:

Pension Book"

Note that none of these Photo ID documents can actually be checked properely for authenticity by the airline booking staff. Who eaxactly is familiar with, and has online access to, for example, the Pension Books of citizens from each of the 25 European Union countries ?

Astonishingly, the credit card with which you have paid for your flight, is not, considered to be sufficient ID !

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