EAsyjet flight cancellations and being stuck in Spain, where do I stand?

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Found 23rd Sep 2010
Right, due to the useual crap that goes on in france (i.e strike action) my flight home from IBIZA TONIGHT/THIS MORNING HAS BEEN CANCELLED, CHECKING INTO A HOTEL OR STAYING WITH FRIENDS IS NOT THE PROBLEM, GETTING HOME IS.
oN THE SITE IT SAYS you can amend the flight, but they are not currently offering ANY flights out of here at all, I wouldn´t mind, but my passport runs out on Saturday, so if I am not out of here by then I´m gonna be up the creek without a paddle as it were.
What´s even molre annoying is that from what I can gather, they don´t have to pay any compensation for the cancelled flight due to it being the fault of strike action.
Anyone know of anything to do, bar hiring a car or gettuing several ferries and busses across Europe to get home?
thanks in advance and sorry for the caps



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You can enter spain with an expire passport so don't worry about that.

Have the airline not offered anything at all?

Do they not have a rep out there?

Best of luck mate. I was stuck with Rynair. Had to just sit it out. I didnt think you could travell with a passport that was so close to running out. I doubt you will get checked leaving Spain.You may get questioned in the Uk but nouthing they can do about it. I doubt they will change the flight. I would goto the desk and ask what the options are. You may have to book a one way flight home. It may work out cheaper for someone to do this for you in the Uk.


In answer to your question i guess the best place to stand right now is the Airport.

p.s - not on the runway though.........DANGEROUS!!!!


On a serious note though........ring the British Consulate and explain your predicament and they can organise special papers for you.


subscribed(can someone insert the popcorn eating pic please)


might need a bigger bucket, could be a long wait !

Is there any flights going ?


Is there any flights going ?

Sorry reread your OP. Do you want me to see if any flights any timesoon for you?

Contact the british consul on ibiza ref passport adivce,they will be able to extend or issue an emergency travel document quite easily.....alternatively,a flight to Brussels then eurpstar would seem a decent option
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