Easyjet - flying with them for the first time and need some advice

Found 29th Mar 2009
So far so good - everything booked - then they changed the flight times etc etc.

Anyway - what's the on board food like on a 2 hour flight and can I take my own on instead?


They have shakey wings on their planes :w00t:

They are OK - as long as you listen to the instructions - and take your arm in and close the window after they tell you to cease flapping your arms as the plane climbs.

They're fine. Better than Ryanair inflight wise. Yes they will have rather extortionate pricing for food, but they should have everything you might need for 2 hours - sandwiches, crisps, soft drinks, alcohol etc. TBH you're better off buying a boots meal deal airside before you board for better value.

I don't know if I have an old copy of EZY's magazine lying round with the pricing in, it's called 'EasyKiosk'.

There are some pricings here:- easyjet.com/B2B…tml

And their menu for Jan/Feb is at the end of here:- easyjet.com/com…pdf

Anyway - what's the on board food like on a 2 hour flight and can I take … Anyway - what's the on board food like on a 2 hour flight and can I take my own on instead?

Expensive, yes

yu may have the offer of sandwiches , but a 2 hour flight u really dont need anything ,, i usually take my own food on board just make sure its all sealed and open it while on board , i even take my own cans of drink they are so expensive on board

Go to Boots after security (airside) and buy the meal deal.......take that its far better and much cheaper.

I had a short flight wth them last year just Gatwick to Glasgow and they sold various snacks on board but expensive. I do know they had pizza available but don't think there was anything else hot.
Once you been through customs there be shops available to buy any drinks and snacks and suggest you buy there before you go to boarding room.I'd take my own snacks but can't do drinks really due to this 100ml limit or whatever it still is. A can is 330ml alone...

You 'll be ok after the stompede, as people settle down once they have got their seat and trampled anyone who crossed their path!!

They are a budget airline, so in all honesty expect that. The overall comfort of the plane is sufficient however the cost of the basics is pretty extortionate...

Can't find a true complaint about them personally.

They don't do first class.

Your flying and you have drinks and food brought to your seat.

The prices are not extortionate. The food is what you would expect considering your on a plane.

My son swears by the hotdogs, bacon rolls and the olives. Personally the panini's are brilliant.

The food depends on destination and time of flight.

They often have special offers on the wine, buy one get one free.

Ensure you take plenty of £s as they never give the full change in Euros.

Have a good trip and enjoy the onboard service rather than worry about the extra 20p here and there.

Oo somebody works for em !!!
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