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Found 13th Sep 2009
Hi all

Off to Maderia soon with my elderly Dad - he is 77 and is not a good on his feet as he was!

What is the process to get into the SA boarding group - don't think he will cope with the normal Group A/B scrum! ?

Also can others in the same party board with an SA passenger?

Oh and yes I could ask EasyJet direct but firstly thei CS leaves much to be desired and secondly just wanted to know if their are any tips / advice from the expereinced amongst HUKD.


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http://twitter.com/easyjetcareThey're pretty good at answering questions.


grandad is going away in 3 weeks and asked for assisted help on/off the plane at both ends. Not only does this mean you can on/off first, but also means you get the extra leg room seats.

Drop them a line with your flight info and ask for some help for your Dad. Grandad is 80 next year.
thanks for the twitter leads - but how do you contact them via twitter - I am registered with twitter but never use it


Its definately easiest to call them directly as they will need to ask you specific questions.

They will usually put passengers with special assistance with one of the groups that board first.

As someone else mentioned earlier, they will not give 'extra leg room seats' (emergency exits seats) to passengers with mobility issues. All passengers in those seats are required to be over 18 and be totally able bodied. They are emergency exit seats so the cabin crew need to be sure that the persons there will be able to move quickly and open the doors.

If you can on their usual customer service number it'll take you about 10 minutes to add it all on.

(I work for a tour operator dealing majorly with Easyjet so do this at least 3 times a day)
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