Ok, so I want to buy a payg mobile, and a sim card from easymobile thru Quidco.

    What's the best way to maximise cashback?

    Can I do both transactions? (in a particular order?) Or do I need to get 'er-indoors to buy say, the sim card?

    Also, steffcip mentioned "don't forget you can refer your other number from other offers". What does this mean exactly?

    Sorry about so many questions, but I want to nail my 1st cashback right on the head! :smile:


    Firstly, unless you're in a hurry, wait for a better deal than the one that is on at present. (I got £38 airtime for £3 a few weeks ago).

    Secondly, yes, buy a sim card and register it for (up to) £20 cashback from Quidco. (I got my sim in July, and only £8 cashback has been validated and nothing paid, up to now).

    Buy the handset separately through Quidco for another £14 cashback (fixed).

    I'm assuming that steffcip is referring to the fact that you get an extra £5 airtime for referring a friend (or yourself if you get 2 sims)

    Don't forget to clear your cookies before any Quidco based transaction or you may get nothing!


    I have 4 sims from easymobile... when I'm buying more in the referred by friend box I'm inserting my other number bought before and they will give me £5 airtime on both numbers

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    Cheers both. :thumbsup:
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