Easymobile are withdrawing from the UK market


    Important Notice to all existing easyMobile customers

    Dear Customer,

    First let us start by thanking you for your custom and loyalty to over the last couple of years.

    As you may recall, in the UK was set up as a partnership between TDC (the telecom company from Denmark) and easyGroup (Stelios' investment vehicle). Due to a change of strategy at TDC, TDC have decided to withdraw from the UK market. Consequently you will not be able to use your service in the UK from midnight (24:00) on 13th December 2006. Our agreement with you will then formally end on 20th December 2006. Further details on this are contained in the attached document.

    If any top-ups you have made remain in your account at midnight (24:00) on 13th December 2006, we will fully re-fund you such amount, subject to any outstanding mobile telephone service charges which are due as at 20th December 2006 or on the closing of your account, which you will remain liable for. Details of the process for and calculation of such refund/outstanding amounts are contained in the attached document.

    We have made an alternative arrangement available for you as a customer with Fresh Mobile from The Carphone Warehouse. As you know, The Carphone Warehouse is a reputable operator and if you choose this option we hope that you find their service useful. If you wish to proceed with this option, please login to My Account on , where you will find details on how to take advantage of this offer.

    If, as an alternative to the option set out above, you would prefer to move to an alternative service provider, then we will do our best to unlock your easyMobile phone or port your number to another service or operator at your request. Details of how you can arrange this can be found in the FAQs on the website.

    Please see the attached document for additional information in relation to the process going forward. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Customer Services or visit our web-site which will be updated from time to time if there is any additional information or changes you need to be aware of.

    The team


    Going... going.... going.............

    Good news for Orange

    damn u, remove my thread :P
    (i was typing it when u must off posted urs)

    Hi, Just received the same e-mail from easyMobile. :-(.

    Does anyone know what network operator Fresh Mobile from CPW use?. easyMobile as most are probably aware used the T-Mobile network as does VirginMobile and their coverage is pretty good. Concerned that Fresh Mobile use someone like O2 and their coverage is not as good from what i've gathered :-(.

    Coverage varies for some Tmobile is appauling when O2 is great, considering O2 is far older, I'd expect O2 has the better coverage.

    According to MSE:
    Fresh use tmobile as well:…314,

    But CPW Fresh Mobile are giving easymobile customers a new fresh mobile sim with £10 credit, I'm assuming because each mobile provider has a preset range of simunique numbers and that network can't use other mobile providers sim number ranges (ie a more flexible system could move a easymobile sim onto any network in theory no?)

    I'm talking gibberish again pls forgive me..

    Have added this to one of the Easymobile threads, important to anybody with an account. They have announced the end of trading 13/12/06. All contracts will be terminated.


    More info on the website. Looks like Quidco may have been bad for them?

    Time to use up all that free credit left then. Great while it lasted though. I did shut down all but one account with them after they introduced the silly minimum charge.

    theres another thread about it


    theres another thread about it

    merged now ;-) thanks !


    But CPW Fresh Mobile are giving easymobile customers a new fresh mobile … But CPW Fresh Mobile are giving easymobile customers a new fresh mobile sim with £10 credit,

    Looks like it is £15 free credit.See here:
    Edit:I stand corrected,it is £10 and an extra £5 if you top up.

    Hmm... hope some of you got some cheap phones from them in the past which you will hopefully be able to use on other networks without being worried about their Admin fees over on easyMobile, lol.

    If you have spare credit you won't use try donating it:
    This year, the Legion is offering you a different way to give to the Poppy Appeal! By texting the word POPPY to 85099, you can download one of three Poppy images to your mobile phone in return for a donation of £1.50 + data charges.

    Some others:…php
    Fantastic opportunity! Donating to your favourite charity couldn't be easier!
    To Donate £3 to The Neurofibromatosis Association simply text NFA to 84858.
    *Messages charged at standard rate. You will receive two confirmation messages, charged at £1.50 each. The Neurofibromatosis Association will receive your donation net of charges applied by mobile network operators and a processing fee.…spx
    Donators simply text ‘Help’ to the short code 80806 and the charity receives a £1.50 donation.
    Children On The Edge (COTE) is a charity committed to working on behalf of marginalized and vulnerable children which are often orphaned or victims of war.
    Text ‘Pink’ to 83338 to download your very own pink ribbon*. Every pink ribbon downloaded
    will mean a valuable £1.50 donation to Breast Cancer Care, plus it will cost you the usual cost of your text message. *You will need to ensure that your WAP browser is on and that your phone has colour and MMS capability.

    Thanks for those links

    Donate to Children In Need:
    via text voting.

    Maybe it was all the £20 and £11 free sign up offers we could get through Quidco that made them withdraw??!!!


    along with their minimum top up penalties etc.
    TDC, the dutch company who ran easymobile tried applying PAYG rules which just made them look appauling compared to the competition imo.
    They tried some good offers over the worldcup, didn't work, time to pull out it seems.

    I'm surprised no other company stepped in to take TDC's place tho, easymobile weren't huge but still a brand name.

    More places to spend excess credit:

    Donate to Women’s Aid who help women and children affected by domestic violence
    You can now make a donation to Women’s Aid quickly and easily,
    wherever you are, with our new SMS text donation facility, Text 2 Protect.
    To donate £3 to Women’s Aid simply text the word TTWA to 84858.
    If you own a pay-as-you-go phone then £3.00 credit will be deducted immediately,
    or, in the case of contract phones, £3.00 will be added to your next bill.
    You can donate by text message as many times as you like by simply texting in again.
    Messages charged at standard rate.…004

    OCD-UK help people who are affected by Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
    Text the word OCD to 84424 to donate £1.50
    The £1.50 will be deducted from your mobile phone balance or account.

    You can now give to Eating Disorders Association
    by sending a one off text message to us charged at
    your normal operators text message rates.
    To donate £1.50 Single donation Text: give eda to 89080
    Please note The message must be lower case (small) letters exactly as shown above.
    Sorry this service is not currently available to Virgin Mobile and '3' users.…htm

    How to make a text donation to Sightsavers

    To make a one off donation, simply text the word 'SIGHT ONCE'
    to the number 87070.
    To make a monthly donation, simply text the word 'SIGHT REGULAR'
    to the same number, 87070.
    Once you have done this,
    we will send you a reply text to thank you for your support.

    The Donation
    For each text, your network provider will charge £1.50 to your next bill.
    From this charge,
    Sight Savers will be given £1 to help support our work in the developing world.…tml
    Donate £3 by texting the word CVOC to 84858 *
    *Messages charged at standard rate. You will receive two confirmation messages, charged at £1.50 each. CVOC will receive your donation net of charges applied by mobile network operators and a processing fee. If you have any questions regarding this service please call 020 7549 222.…tml (One that saved el hamster)
    Text donations - A gr8 way 2 donate!

    A quick and easy way to support the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and its work is by using your mobile phone to text a donation.
    Nothing could be simpler. All you have to do is text to the number 84010.
    · Text YAAC to 84010 and you will donate £1.50
    · Text HELI to 84010 and you will donate £3.00
    Get texting and help us continue our operations in the Yorkshire region.

    Is there any way you can spend credit on things such as games, cds and that cos I have quite a bit credit of recommending friends etc..

    Did anyone come up with any other interesting ways to use your credit? Think I've the best part of 40 quid to use...

    Is the 13th Dec the last day we can use our credit? Their site says something about service continuing for 30days...



    Is the 13th Dec the last day we can use our credit? Their site says … Is the 13th Dec the last day we can use our credit? Their site says something about service continuing for 30days...Thanks

    Here is the latest email received from easy (shimmerbright)
    [FONT=Verdana][SIZE=2]3 important facts regarding closure of your easyMobile service![/SIZE][/FONT]
    [FONT=Verdana]Dear Customer,
    [/FONT][SIZE=2]This may well be the most important email you receive this year. If you have not already, you must take action to keep your mobile number.

    Here are 3 very important facts you must know:

    1) [/SIZE][FONT=Verdana][SIZE=2][FONT=Cooper Black][SIZE=2]easymobile[/SIZE][/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT][SIZE=2].com is now [URL="javascript:ol('');"][COLOR=#0000ff][/COLOR][/URL]

    2) Shimmerbright will withdraw its UK services on 13th December 2006. After this date we will cancel all remaining active accounts, therefore you will no longer be able to make calls or send text messages.

    3) You only have 2 days left to request to transfer your mobile number (known as a PAC code). If you have not requested your PAC code by 7th December 2006, or selected the Fresh Mobile offer, you will lose your mobile number.

    Customer Services
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on 0845 612 4500, via email or using our on-line Chat facility. The Customer Service team is available Monday to Friday from 9am to 8pm, excluding Bank Holidays.

    Best regards
    The Shimmerbright team (formerly [/SIZE][FONT=Verdana][SIZE=2][FONT=Cooper Black][SIZE=2]easymobile[/SIZE][/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT][SIZE=2].com)[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2] I've just got my fresh sim and I'm off to france on Saturday. Got a few questions, please anser any of them. [SIZE=2]I don't want to register as I would have to give them my credit card and bank details. I have check the card and it is active and I can make calls with it so I assume the £10 credit has been applied. Thanks, Pete.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]Does anyone know if you can use these abroad? [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]Are they enabled for roaming by default? [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]Anyone know the price of phoning the UK from one of these?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]Is there a way to find out your current balance?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]Can you go overdrawn and what happens if you do? (Ideally I want the phone to stop working when the credit runs out.) I heard that they don't cut you off when you run out of credit but what happens they? [/SIZE]

    Call freshmobile? Do they have a website? Have you registered? Does it have a faq?
    They seem to be quite specialised limited only to CPW's customer base, never seen FreshMobile resold so are small fry compared to the main brand PAYG's

    Tried mine this morning still with the easymobile sim and it was still working.:?

    thanks for the links
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