EasyMobile SIMS - Some clarification please - especially roaming

    Ok so I have just received my new Easy SIM card today.

    Firstly I was surprised, but happy to find I have £32 of credit on my card rather that the £27 as advertised.

    I note quidco is showing the transaction as £0.00, but I understand this will be adjusted later. Is this correct? When does it get adjusted - end of the month?

    No I am being very mercenary, but I just want this for the credit and the quidco cash of course.

    I intend to use the phone only for roaming and on free call days lucky day) in the UK.

    My idea is to use the phone to receive call from family when on business in Europe rather than getting stung on my private contract or business phone. Incoming calls are £0.20/min in Germany / Austria at least. Now I seem to remember a post on this forum talking about a work around to having to add £10 to the SIM and activate auto topup to get roaming. Something about activating roaming by phone. How do you do this? Anyone know? I can't find the post.

    Also if I do what Rayman says and turn of the overdraft facility, then what happens when my credit gets down to near zero? Can I just forget about the SIM card and let it lapse or do I need to cancel the SIM? Is there then still a £5 charge for cancelling the SIM?

    Sorry about all the questions, but I think this info will be useful to many on this forum.



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