Eat for £9.99 in Dundee Chopstix 3 courses....

    Me and the lass are frequent eaters at this place, its called Chopstix and is down beside the Bus station leading up to the Wellgate!
    You get 3 courses for £9.99 monday to thursday which i think is superb !
    The last time we were in there we calculated everything up and the bill should have came to something like £40, we paid £23
    Main which includes a bowl of Egg fried rice/boiled rice etc
    plus you get a few free bowls of Prawn Crackers for free

    So if your ever in Dundee i'd recommend visiting this place, the food is excellent
    If any of you like your chinese food you will see that this offer is fantastic as usually its pretty dear to sit in a chinese, the main course on its own for Duck with Black Bean sauce is £8.75...

    Plus (for takeaway only i think) you get 10% off for NHS staff and if you spend over £30 you get a free bottle of wine

    All in all this would be a pretty good offer for some

    The prices on the menu on the link are old prices i think, either that or there just take away prices!


    I didn't think I would ever hear my self saying "I wish I lived in Dundee". Sounds good! :thumbsup:

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    it is Mike, its really nice and the staff are very welcoming

    As a fellow Dundee dweller (though not Dundonian), Saxo, I'd second that. Chopstix is nice and the price is good.

    The lure of Jimmy Chung is still pretty strong though, even if you do have to get down in the troughs amonst the unwashed masses...

    Voted hot.

    great if you live close by, unfortunately we dont heat and rep anyway as its a great deal

    anything you have to do to get the offer? via voucher or is it just on a poster in window type thing? anything from menu excluded?
    oh and also importantly... do they have anything decent for dessert?! neither of the buffet style ones do and takeaway menu just mentions fritters pfft

    as thekanester says - gotta be good to compete vs jimmy chungs or the place down at the quay which i have forgotten the name of.
    Still its similar price and if better then cant be bad.
    Will give it a try and see if is as good as dragon-i in glasgow was!

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    nothing to get the offer, you just walk in and order


    nothing to get the offer, you just walk in and order

    so you dont even say 'gie us da 9.99 fur free course offa'?

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    so you dont even say 'gie us da 9.99 fur free course offa'?

    oh forgot to say, its only available mon to thursday....there is big letters on the window saying

    £9.99 for 3 courses available mon to thurs :thumbsup:

    Fair enough but I still prefer the two buffets.

    I'm not a sweet person and prefer to be able to mix and match - although I usually end up with a few plates of starters and a couple of main courses mmmmm chinese food.

    ah right - those days are usually ones for deals - jimmy chungs is 5.99 then isn't it? hmm worth a punt though and you still didn't tell us if any decent desserts to make up for the lack in quantity of main course!

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    hmmm there is a couple of things lol

    I like the ice cream and strawberry sauce, the missus has pineapple in batter and ice cream...

    i dont thin chinese rest really go for the puddings tho do they....its more about the savoury side of it

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    dont think Jimmy chungs is £5.99, this is between 5pm till late the Chopstix deal


    dont think Jimmy chungs is £5.99, this is between 5pm till late the … dont think Jimmy chungs is £5.99, this is between 5pm till late the Chopstix deal

    ah right enough - been a while since i have been..from site

    Monday - Thursday - (12.00 - 16.30)
    £5.49 per person
    (children under 11 years £2.99)

    Friday - Sunday - (12.00 -16.30)
    £6.49 per person
    (children under 11 years £3.99)

    Sunday - Thursday - (17.00 - 22.30)
    £8.99 per person
    (children under 11 years £4.49)

    Friday - Saturday - (17.00 - 23.00)
    £10.99 per person
    (children under 11 years £5.49)

    whats chopstix like on portion sizes?

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    Was there tonight and it was briliant, portions are not massive but enough to make me all full up lol

    were now considered as regulars lol.....we went in tonight and the lady said...."regular seat folks ? " :oops::oops::p

    living in manchester and a regular visitor to china towns all you can eat buffets £5.50.......this deal is pants:roll::roll::roll::w00t:
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