Eating in London Chinatown?

    Visiting London with wife & young kids. Where is best to eat in Chinatown? Thinking possibly buffet so they can sample a few things. Cheers!


    Wong Kei is a good laugh if you take it the right way. Ping Pong do reasonable all day dim sum, put its not cheap.

    you should be able to google reviews

    I second Wong Kei - Ive tried a few places over the years and always find Wong Kei to be the best value although its a bit of a unique experience, you will need to Google it.

    If you want dimsum you MUST go ....Gerrard's corner...... the best one in london chinatown , you will thank me for it!!!...........:thumbsup:
    and if you go for dinner its ~ joy king lau......
    I live in London/worked around there for 10years/been to most restaurant /and thats the the only 2 places i go to now, anywhere else is cr*ap!!!.....don't go wong kei....... thats just taking the p8ss........ :-D

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    Cheers guys.

    Did the unique won kei in the past........ fun indeed.

    What is joy king like cost wise?

    If you are going to eat in Chinatown because of location then there are some new-wave restaurants that are recommended; Leung's Legend, Baozi Inn, Ba Shan, Haozhan, Little Lamb, Barshu...further afield there is Cha Cha Moon and (if you have won at the lottery) Hakkasan and Yauatcha. If you want Dim Sum; go to Royal China in Baker Street or Imperial China...I have not been to Gerrard's Corner so can't comment but will look in next time I am there.

    I would not go Wong Kei as you can get far better quality food for the same amount and I don't need the 'experience' any more...and Joy King Lau is good but then so are a lot of the others in Lisle Street (more consistent than Gerrard Street, IMHO).

    Hope you have a great meal and let us know how you get on.

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    Thanks again chaps

    We ended up in a little restaurant in Lisle street (cant even remember the name).

    The food was fab :-) Cheers all.
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