Eating out in Liverpool?

Found 14th Oct 2009
Is there a good chinese all you can eat restaurant in Liverpool anyone can recommend. There is also a french bistro near Mathew Street does anyone know its name. Any cheap restaurant recommendations please.
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Plenty of blonde women in the clubs.....

Hehe, sorry, just had to with the title.

Plenty of blonde women in the clubs.....Hehe, sorry, just had to with the … Plenty of blonde women in the clubs.....Hehe, sorry, just had to with the title.

Yeah it seems that in Liverpool you can get into nightclubs free for that!
Bistro Pierre is the name of the French place. They have a website. They have 3 palces now, excellent good quality food.

The only chinese all you can eat I know of is on Hanover St, cannot recall the name. Their prices have gone up recently and I am not that keen on their food personally. Am sure there are others people can suggest
go onto the liverpool echo website they have issued a 36 Page list etc of rated resturants on Merseyside
the list was issued tonight
Maccy D's
Try Liverpool One:…spx

We went to Dinomat the other day with our three children (four of us ate as one is a baby) and with drinks for us all, a coke, a cocktail for me and two beers for the OH it came to £56, the portions were huge too. That was with a starter of nachos which was the small portion but was more than enough for all four of us and a side order of onion rings. The pizzas for the kids were massive, one would do two younger kids fine. It was a nice place but there's loads of different places to eat.

Other than that there's the May Sum across the road from Lime Street which is a good quick budget serve yourself restaurant. A good website is:…tre

and you can search for cuisine types. HTH and enjoy your meal/night out!

Maccy D's

lol - their favorite cuisine
Best all you can eat chinese is called the Buffet Star.
No the best chinese restuarant without a doubt is Toku next to Richersounds and the Bombed out Church on Berry St. Its the best kept secret in Liverpool. It is cheap and the the food is excellant and you get big portions.
Dont waste your time with the all you can eat places like buffet star

lol - their favorite cuisine

What you on about?

Anyway, OP if you're looking for a bit of foreign cuisine I can recommend the Yee-Rah on Liverpool One. Excellent menu, well priced.

Best all you can eat chinese is called the Buffet Star.

I'll second that. The Buffet Star is lovely. And cheap.

Would avoid the May Sum. A few years ago there was a bomb alert in St. Johns's shopping centre (which May Sum is joined onto) and the waiters stood at the doors while the bomb alarms were going off preventing people from leaving until they paid their bills!
I have been to Caesar's Palace on Renshaw Street many years back, and it was good then. Although i haven't been for about years.
OP, whatever you do leave the car at home :thumbsup:

OP, whatever you do leave the car at home :thumbsup:

wouldn't eat in liverpool even if it was free
They don't use plates in Liverpool, they use wheel trims :thumbsup:
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