Eazy Bed

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Found 1st Jan 2009
Anyone purchased one of these?
Looking to get it for occasional use, looks good, but so do many things.


looks like a lot for what it is have you considered the deep inflatable beds? they are around £30

I bought one from House of Fraser using a link on here back in November and paid around £114 inc delivery. It is fantastically comfortable and I have slept on it many a time over Xmas. Not worth £250, but half of that amount is great value.

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Guess I missed the House of Fraser offer :(, cant see it being offered elsewhere as it does look good, obviously helps when others such as yourself (Tunner) recommend it, anyone else?
May just pay for it online, if anyonehas seen them on offer somewhere, please let me know.

we had something similar and for use just 1 night it was fine, after 2 though it deflates slightly and you get those rods in your back. You have to reinflate every night to make it comfortable. Get a decent sofabed for the same price!

bought one of these from neto was reduced to £60 had it almost a year now and have used it loads of times for guests, seaching for a single version now hence why i came across this thread lol...
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