Ebay £1 & £3 max selling fees

Found 5th Nov 2017
Hi has anyone taken this offer in the past and still get these offers sent to you, or it a case of once you take it they don't offer you another?

The reason why I ask is I have loads to sell, don't really want to do all at once and I'm worried that if I take the offer I might not get another offer?
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No not limited to one time.
I had the £3 offer come through this week. I've used the £1 offer several times
I was a bit sceptical about these offers too, but I recently sold an expensive item on the 0 final valuation fee offer, FVF on my invoice was 0 which was very nice. Have just taken up the £3 FVF offer, so it all seems to work. I did notice a potential 'gotya'. The validity dates/time that the 0 FVF offer stated on the promotional webpage were slightly different to the ones that were on my account page after accepting the offer, so worth checking before listing items.
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