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Found 21st Jun 2017
Hi does anyone know the pattern when eBay offers us £1 final value fees? I've heard they give out 3 times per month is that true? Does anyone roughly know when they will do another £1 FVF? Appreciate the help.
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I'm always looking out for them and they're very random. In my opinion, there's no set frequency on how often they get released.
There's no real set pattern but I tend to get a different offer every weekend, that's on top of the free 100 a day I receive every month!! They usually run the offer for 4 days, it appears at the bottom of your selling page. The last £1 was a couple of weeks ago so there should be something similar this weekend, possibly 50% off but they do a 75% off too. Very irritating, and extremely depressing, as I also have a Business Account and Ebay stopped free listings last year, instead they recently put all the Business fees up for listing and shop rental!!
Usually towards the end of the month
I was thinking the same thing would love to log a pattern to predict the next offer
I've found that they usually do it when the day of the week ends in the letter Y.
These are the dates for the last few I've had.I haven't listed any other offers just the pound ones.

£1.00 fees :

11-12th June

26-29th May

7-8th May

14th-17th April
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