eBay 10% discount Glitch - appeared then disappeared??

    On Monday and Tuesday I was looking through eBay at RC Cars and surprised to see a 'discounted' 10% off price quoted for each item within that section.

    I checked the My Vouchers section on eBay and there was only codes for Zavvi and another for Special Promotions. Anyway, I've been waiting for an auction to end, but the discount has now disappeared?

    Anyone else experience this or know why the discount was automatically shown in the first place?


    Same here. No idea if it would have worked the other day anyway.

    I noticed this and bought something 10th percent never worked

    Original Poster

    Really weird - I might contact eBay and see what they say. Knew it was too good to be true - just wish I had a screenprint !

    I wondered the same aswell , glad I didn't buy the item today then .

    a similar thing happened to me last week... bought a superdry dress for my gf as it was in the 10% 'section' bought the item and the code vanished!

    yep same here
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