ebay £10 off £30 pound spend (invite only)

Found 12th Sep 2017
Check your inbox, just got a £10 off voucher when I spend £30 pounds. Unique codes so probably targeted email


Why do I never get thes


Moved to misc as heads up, thanks for sharing


Found one on my dads account, he hardly uses it. Thanks op

Ive only just found out where they put them. Hover over myebay then summary, i just checked one account I had a £20 off £40 which expired 09/09. but another account has got £10 of £30 woop

I have never EVER had an ebay voucher despite having an account for around 15 years

Got £10.00 off when I spend £20.00.

Where can I check in my eBay account if I have one?

nseaman12th Sep

Why do I never get thes

Me neither
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