I am selling something on ebay, and to check my postage costs against similar items I noticed some of them say they won't sell to Ireland. Why is that?
    Now my winning bidder happens to be in Northern Ireland,should I be concerned?


    postage will be higher

    Northern Ireland is in the UK .

    postage will be the same to NI as anywhere else in the UK

    source: im from 'mainland uk' highlands

    funny how it doesnt send me extra to send something down the London, but if they want to send me the same thing theres always a 'surcharge'

    if you use overpriced post office prudence will be same. couriers charge extra.

    price not prudence. lol

    I'm in Northern Ireland, postage via Royal Mail will be the same as if you are sending it to the house next door to your own. The price only goes up if you send via courier etc

    Post Office charge the same to Northern Ireland the same as they do to the UK. (Not sure about Parcel Force as they are a rip off anyway).

    Most other couriers charge a premium to Northern Ireland. I hate having to charge my customers to post to Northern Ireland but I have no choice as the courier charge me for this service, which in all honesty is usually much higher than my profit margin on most items so I really do not have any choice in the matter.

    Its southern ireland that you have to pay more because its not part of the UK plus they use euro's and not the pound
    basically southern ireland is a country on its own nothing to do with the rules of Northern ireland which is UK
    So sending to Northern Ireland is fine to send just like sending to someone in the UK.

    No you should not be concerned as Nr Ireland is part of the UK.
    Make sure when you go to the Post Office to tell them as I was once
    quoted £15 for a small parcel at the desk.
    I said no way and was on my way out of the Post Office when I
    thought no way, so I went back and said to the lady it's Nr Ireland
    please check again and the lady on the next till overheard and
    said to her it's Nr Ireland not EIRE. The same as any other part of the UK.

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    It's simple. Royal Mail delivery cost is same as mainland UK however Couriers charge more. The courier Myhermes however deliver there at no extra cost (book on Myhermes site itself as Parcel2go claim Myhermes don't post there!). Many on Ebay automatically block N Ireland because they simply don't realise they can post at no extra cost. Areas such as Channel Islands, Highlands Of Scotland will also cost more via courier. I find it simpler just to block these areas from my listings as it's cost me money in the past with buyers refusing to pay extra. Ebay could simplify everything by just adding a postal box for these areas but currently there's no way of adding the extra p&p costs to the listing unless adding it to the description.
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