Posted 16th Feb 2023 (Posted 15 h, 12 m ago)
I bought a £1,300 item on Ebay during the 30x offer. The 30x offer was capped up to £300 spend over that would just generate 1x points but looking in my nectar activity on my ebay account the item has like 38,000 points on it. Does this usually happen? Surely too good to be true? The points have not shown in my nectar app itself yet
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    It will be adjusted.
    Have you experienced this before?
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    I think the normal rate (base points) is capped at 300 points (£300 spend). The offer would therefore have been capped at 30 x 300 points.
    But its showing as way more than that on my ebay, 38,000 points even says bonus points
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