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anyone notice how many china based companies are now using ebay but say they have a uk address but when you check they say china based
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They have been doing this for yonks although very frustrating.
Drives me potty, I deliberately select UK only and/or within 200 miles. Delivery dates show within next 2/3 days so you order and lo and behold delivery jumps to 2-3 weeks
Rarely use Ebay because of the amount of tut shipped from China
artnada1 h, 6 m ago

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I totally agree about every seller having a verified UK address. It's getting worse, I have found many of them are also using different seller names but are actually the same company which I have reported to ebay before... doubt it made a difference they will just set up a new account.
I now make sure I read the full listing before committing to buy from anyone where the description has badly written English then I look straight at where it's being despatched from.. usually Birmingham, Manchester, London and then I check the feedback page where you can see a bit more about that seller this coupled with the feedback is enough for me to workout if it's one of those types of sellers & I obviously don't buy from them.
I got more stuff than ever coming from China. I look at delivery date before I buy. Think that's how ebay monitor this as you get to say if it reached your on time when feedback is left.. Check the dates people but your are all right. Bit of a pain if you get caught out
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lots of ebay sellers do drop shipping very annoying
missismop15 m ago

lots of ebay sellers do drop shipping very annoying

Amazon Warehouse drop-shippers are the worst by far. They 'sell' stuff when they have no idea of the item's condition or even if it's still in stock. You see sellers with 10k plus listings and if you copy the listing title and paste into Amazon search, it's there every time, along with used options.
And also the same Chinese sellers are selling the same tat at Amazon, at higher prices, but with quicker delivery times.
I've taken to messaging them now to ask if they really are holding stock in the UK. Some of them are genuine and the last couple of things I've ordered have arrived in a day or two. Some can be a bit sketchy though! I tend to try and help others by mentioning in feedback whether it arrived from overseas. Well, I hope it helps...
LostRolo18th Jan

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I made a purchase from a company claiming UK stock in London. It took several emails & 30 days to receive my item.
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