Found 10th Mar 2009
anybody having problems logging in?

cant find the site at fact uk. oz or seem to be missing


Someone posted a thread about 2 hours ago saying they couldn't get on either

It's fine for me

the site wont laod for me

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maybe theyve goner bust.......


fine for me, try the wap site m8



maybe theyve goner bust.......


Working here too

If it's still not working, clear your internet cache as well as your DNS cache:

DNS Cache:
Go to the command prompt (start / Run / type 'cmd') and type 'ipconfig /flushdns' then press enter.

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hmmm problem with be/o2 maybe then?

was fine half an hour ago then went to page load error now cant find any sites

sod it off for fish n chiups before it starts pouring out there....

:w00t:Works fine for me. Maybe your bank manager or someone is trying to say "stop buying junk from EBay!"


i am with 02 broadband ~ can't get ebay website up too!!:x

i posted before casper - still cant get on -

im on 3g so its not o2 specific - can get other sites up

with o2 and no worky.

proxy works ok, so assume it's o2


with o2 and no worky.proxy works ok, so assume it's o2

Can you ping it? What IP do you get?

Does this change after flushing the DNS cache?

Tbh, considering the new 'improved' layout of ebay, I reckon not being able to connect is a bonus. Don't knock it :giggle:


Can you ping it? What IP do you get?Does this change after flushing the … Can you ping it? What IP do you get?Does this change after flushing the DNS cache?

What about the wiggleworms and the zipzorps?!?!? :-D:-D:-D

Sorry, you lost me.

How do you ping (presume through the run menu?)

And....DNS cache???


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were back on .....


were back on .....

I fixded it


were back on .....

cheers caspar:thumbsup:


I fixded it

Is yours fixded too ?

If so, it sounds like their DNS server (the thing which gives real address names to internet addresses) was screwy and needed to be refreshed.
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