Ebay - 5p listings days / PayPal Vouchers

Does anyone know where you can get visibility of upcoming cheap listing days, or indeed when the next set of PayPal vouchers are imminent.

I would then plan my listings around the 5p days, and also plan bidding with the PayPal vouchers in mind.

Any direct help much appreciated, as would be long term sources of this kind of information.

Thanks, Steve


eBay usually tell you in advance, like a 4-5 days or so when they are having the 5p listing day.

Not sure about the PayPal vouchers though.

Original Poster

Thanks, I get the eBay / Paypal comms a few days in advance, just wondered if anyone had access to the info prior to the 4-5 days you mention.

Thanks, S

Regarding 5p Listing days:

They usually have one at least once a month, sometimes once every couple of weeks. I think they had one a week ago.

They are always on a Thursday.
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