Ebay Account Question..

    I want to close my ebay account.

    On my account it is showing Current Balance: -£25.53.

    Does this mean ebay owes me this?

    If it does how do i get the money from them before i close my account as i no longer have paypal


    just enter you bank details, they should refund

    No you owe them that much.

    If you go to control pannel in your account it should on the right hand corner "close account now" and click on that and follow the process on how to close your account.

    And you have to pay them £25.52 before you close your account btw.

    I think if it says minus i would think thats what you owe them x

    They owe you that....Mine is -£17.03 because of a refund they had to give me....not sure why they do it that way but yeah they owe you....not sure how you get it back neither, have had 3 refunds, one I emailed them and asked to be paid into my BA and they did, the other I forgot and it showed up there so not sure if they can refund it to BA once its credited to your ebay account or not....I would email them personally, instead of asking people who prob dont know for sure on here

    Think about it !!!

    If your bank account says - £25 do they owe you ???


    Think about it !!!If your bank account says - £25 do they owe you ???

    no...thats the logical way to view it and ebay dont do it like that

    eBay set their account up as a bill....therefore if your account balance is £10 you owe them £10 to zero your balance....if your balance says -£10 then they owe you £10.

    Sounds odd but thats how they have done it with me atleast....can see from my invoices that Im right but obviously dont want to post screenshots from my account :roll:

    OP just email ebay

    Original Poster

    thanks for your help guys,

    And lil_tiger thats how i thought it would work so thanks for your help
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