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Found 26th Apr 2010
Some idiot left me negative feedback which made no sense. Complained yesterday and ebay have already responded. Quite impressed

Hello Ryan,

Thanks for your email about your request to have the negative feedback
left by "uncu2009" removed. Allow me to thoroughly asses your situation
and let me assist you on your feedback concern right away.

After doing a cross-reference between the Feedback Removal policies of
eBay and the feedback you had identified, I am glad to inform you that
we had removed it as it fitted one of our feedback removal criteria.

In this instance the Feedback was removed as it referred to a completely
separate transaction or unrelated experience.

Furthermore, as this is a clear breach of eBay's feedback policy, rest
assured that I've taken the appropriate action against your trading
partner to address this.

To read all of our Feedback removal criteria, copy this link into a new
browser window:

Please note that our decision to remove the Feedback does not constitute
us finding that the identified Feedback is defamatory or otherwise

Do not be alarmed if the feedback is still on your feedback page as it
may take a few days for the Feedback to disappear from the website as
this requires input from our technical team.

I trust this has properly addressed your concerns, Ryan, and I wish you
all the best in your future transactions on eBay.

Kind regards,

Paddy Dwyer
eBay Trust & Safety

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feedback comment has gone but the neg is still there


Kind regards,

Paddy Dwyer
eBay Trust & Safety..

tut,tut never trust anyone called paddy....hes spinning you a line mate..;-)

I got 2 negative feedbacks removed in the past. (completely removed, not just the comment)
New buyers who didn´t complete the sale and then pretended it was my fault :-O
I called ebay, they removed it pretty much right away.

In b4 tinkerbell

I had a neg comment removed (buyer changed mind about item, returned it, got a full refund and then still left me neg feedback and rating). Ebay removed the neg comment but LEFT THE RATING!!! 2 months later I was still requesting that they removed the neg rating, as we'd both agreed to cancel the transaction and the buyer had the full refund, but that seemed to be beyond their level of intelligence... Tw*ts! :-(



In b4 tinkerbell

In b4 stalker.

Good job op:thumbsup:


theyve still not gotten around to removing the neg from your feedback score ....... still the neg is there.

poor job op:)


out b4 tears
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