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    I have an auction on ebay for an Item, I have now just realised (3 day auction 8 hours remaining) I have a slight problem with it. The item is a DSXXX but I've listed it as a DXXX am I best to pull the auction rather than risk someone moaning I wrongly described an item.

    Item number: 170527364244




    Actually, can't you just edit/add an amendment?

    If no one has bid on it, then you can amend the auction

    Edit... with 8 hours left you won't be able to edit it... best to close it and re-do.
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    No can't edit/amend the title

    Add it in, it will come up on date at time seller added this information.

    start an online chat with ebay or phone them

    if no-one has bid u can change anything you want

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    Thanks for the suggestions, pretty limited on what I can do from this PC. Will chat to ebay/remove listing when I get home.

    Its only the title thats wrong, your description is fine, I would leave it unless the D (not DS)model is better, if there is one!

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    No such thing as a D model have looked, thats how I realised my mistake when I searched for similar items to mine

    if i were you i would leave it as it is. having looked completed listings they go for anything between £3 and about £10 as yours is already at £7 i woud say leave it, you wouldnt make any more money from it if you relisted, you may even possibly get less. quite often people find the mislisted item like these and end up paying more than they should for them coz they think they are getting a deal as not many people will have found it. that and most people probably only search using netgear 8 port hub rather than an exact model. I say leave the auction as it is.
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