Found 3rd Oct 2010
Bought something from ebay on 28th Aug.
Item never arrived, so contacted seller who asked me to wait a bit longer. I did but it still never came. As it was getting close to the 45 day deadline i opened a case.
Seller has stated he will send a replacement.
I am more than happy with this but item is coming from abroad and he has said to expect delivery within 10-14 days.
Again no problem with this but it will take it past the 45 day deadline.

If after 2 weeks item has still not arrived will i still be able to get a refund or will to much time have elasped.

I paid with paypal.

Thanks for any advice.

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they are at it, i'd look for a refund

Get a refund and tell the seller you will buy again

You should elevate it too a claim before the 45 days are up or you could end up with nothing. If you don't have it in a fortnight and they can't prove delivery you will get a refund.

tell them to refund you then buy again from them,there will be no problem in doing this if they are not trying it on with you

if you take it to claim then they can respond with this offer and then ebay have it on record, wouldnt they then keep the case open till you recieved replacement?

I'm a patient person but would have filed a dispute weeks ago ! oO
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