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Ive bought a printer off ebay, it was sold as fully working, but when it got here the green light switched on then off and thats all I get. I sent a message to the guy and he says it was working when he sent it and that was it. Ive searched ebays site but there doesnt seem to be any advice for this situation, I dont want to waste £12 sending it back to get a refund and not get anything, what should I do? There was no damage to the box so it didnt look like it was damaged in the post, although I suppose it could have been dropped, or it might have been faulty before he sold it! What should I do? Any advice welcome, I buy a lot off ebay and have never had this problem before, thanks.


How did you pay for it?

You need to open a dispute and say the item was sold as working but it doesnt. They should be able to resolve it for you. Or try phoning ebay customer services on 020 8080 2105

Contact printer manufacturer for help.

If that does not resolve it, use disputes on ebay.

If you paid by paypal open a dispute through them explaining that the item does not work. You will probably be liable for the cost to get it back to the guy though. Was it a cheap printer? was it new or used - how old?


what ebay item number?

Hmmm. What was the person's feedback like? Tell them it's not working and say that THEY sold it faulty, and maybe even complain to eBay?

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thanks for all the help, yes i paid through paypal, it was second hand but said fully working, I paid £60 + £8 postage and it actually cost £12, it was a buy it now, their feedback was fine no negatives, however I think its not going to be my week as I also bought a mobile as a surprise for my o/h and thats not arrived, ive sent messages but theyve not answered them either and theyve a negative from last year when the seller said the item had never arrived, I thought they were ok now as ever since theyve had positives! Not my week, however Im stubborn I will report them to ebay and the police if it doesnt arrive, I have sent them a message saying that, in the hope that it will get them to reply and tell me whats going on, theres nothing worse than not knowing whats going on, I mean they could have had a genuine problem but unless they tell you you assume the worst. Anyway I will give them till tonight to answer me and then I'll open disputes, wish me luck.

Paypal Dispute or ontact eBay.

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just been on ebay and you cant do a dispute until after 10 days!!! But Ive got both their phone numbers from ebay so am going to phone them up.



just been on ebay and you cant do a dispute until after 10 days!!! But … just been on ebay and you cant do a dispute until after 10 days!!! But Ive got both their phone numbers from ebay so am going to phone them up.

You have to open the dispute through PAYPAL as that's how you paid.

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looked on their payment protection thing and it says the seller has to have over 50 comments and 98% feedback to be covered, so im not covered by that as neither have enough! Im beginning to think someone on here may have done the same thing as the items havent arrived and hes not replied to my messages, do things always happen in 3s. I am so fed up!

I wouldn't give up on the printer yet. It might be a simple correction.

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Well I phoned the lady about the mobile and she said she was in a car crash and hadnt been able to get out - although I dont know why she couldnt have emailed me to let me know, and she said shes posting it tomorrow. I also phoned the seller of the printer up but they said there was no one of that name there so that didnt sound very good, and I also heard from the person on here so 2 out of 3 is pretty good. I downloaded the manuel for the printer and it says its either a power supply or a circuit board fault, so o/h is going to have a look. Thanks everyone for your help and advice.

Sounds like your printer seller has scammed you - I would definately open a dispute through paypal
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