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    I sold a baby monitor on ebay at the end of last month and heard nothing till now wso assumed all was ok. This morning however I got a email saying it "was not as described because "the batteries were gone". They were there when I posted it so I assume she means they are dead so I've explained how to charge them up and the other batteries you need for it are standard duracell type which I've also explained. Surely they didn't expect me to include new ones?
    Anyway its the first time I've had a problem in 4 yrs of ebaying so is there anything else I need to know and is there a time limit on how long a buyer can decide if they are going to complain like this?



    I would forget about it to be honest (batteries dont last forever)

    tell them to go and buy soem new ones how ridiculous
    ebay at its best !!!!

    Some people abuse Ebay (and this sort never miss an opportunity to avoid payment by complaining in outlets such as Pizza Hut) and it looks as though you have found one as a customer. Trouble is that if they report it to Ebay, Ebay will believe them and take back your proceeds of the sale without question. You have been simply unlucky. You can either send them batteries or ask them to post back which they would only do if you first paid postage. Lousy choice.


    ignore them unless you get a dispute opened thru paypal

    If they have had it for a month tell them to rag off. The battries will not last forever, they must have used them up and want free battries from you for life. (morrisons normally have them on bogof) I would stock up now if I was you.:p

    oh surely a wind up?


    did they already leave you positive feedback or did they wait till now to do it?

    I presume it should come with rechargeable batteries ?

    Original Poster

    Thanks everyone, fingers crossed


    I presume it should come with rechargeable batteries ?

    for some reason only the parents end has rechargeable one the other end takes normal ones
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