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Was just wondering if anyone can advise on this (need a degree to find info on ebay help pages!)

I sold an item on auction, winning bidder decided next day they didn't want to complete as they bid on a cheaper one. I had to wait until today to file an unpaid item which I have just done. I want to click to close transaction etc, so will get a FVF, but was wondering what happens about feedback. I obviously want to neg them, but then surely they can neg me, is this correct?

Advise gratefully received, thanks


If they get a strike they cant leave feedback

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Thanks ryouga, that sounds fair enough (forgot to mention they were French too btw, so can't wait to leave my first neg :giggle: )

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FVF has been granted and they get a strike. I am now free to leave my first neg, but I have no idea what to put. Any ideas anyone (they are French, so would like to leave it in French)! I'm usually such a nice person, I don't know many rude words :whistling:

gaspilleur de temps

Use an online translator and go nuts ;-) :thumbsup:


Leave it in English, unless you plan on doing a lot of dealings with French folk...this is something YOUR future buyers/sellers will see and want to read, and don't be rude just be factual.

'Buyer never paid for item. eBayer not recommended'

Although, if they told you they wouldn't be paying why didn't you guys just do a mutual agreement on it? Then you wouldn't have had to wait etc.

oh ebay has changed the rules so that ppl with 1 strike can't leave feedbacks now??? That would so help the sellers being able to leave honest feedbacks and not be scared of retaliation.
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