eBay alternative any ideas?

eBid is not bad not many buyers. Anyboady got any other places to sell tried play and amazon as well.

I think tesco could do a good job of setting up a marketplace



Car Boot Sale.

sell it here FSFT

I've started selling on gumtree. So far I've sold everything I've listed!

An alternative is deffinitely needed!!! Ebay sucks in so many ways, but as you say it needs big company behind it who can get to a mass audience.

It would still be hard as if you were selling something, who would you choose to sell with? a new site on the market? or someone with billions? of members?



I think eBay is good, the bad bit is paypal, paypal seriously sucks....plus ebay fees are getting cheaper in a few days

I am a developer working on an eBay killer but still a year away from release..
Posted this in another thread but if you have any suggestions on how eBay can be improved send me a pm or mail me at [EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL]
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