eBay and final seller fee refunds

Posted 28th Oct
I recently sold a laptop on eBay and unfortunately the seller messaged stating they could not afford it anymore. I decided to sell it privately therefore did not relist.

Checked my bank account recently and there’s a transaction from eBay of circa 10% of the final value of the item I sold.

Checked eBay and this matches a recent invoice they sent. I have cancelled the item now and was wondering if eBay would automatically refund the final value fee?
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Yup they should credit it into your account
It will be credited to your account. You can either keep it there for future payment of fees, or contact eBay to get it refunded back to you.
Yes will be refunded.

However, who pays 10% fees these days? £1... done.
They should but sometimes it’s best just to ring them just in case I always do in that situation

Thanks for your replies. The money is now showing in my account summary. Is there any way I can transfer this back into my bank account?
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