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Found 11th Feb 2008
whats the time limit on claiming via paypal for a ebay item? i think the seller is stringing me along.



Can I get a Reeee wind ?

Direct from Paypal
More details can be found on the Resolution Centre page

Most disputes are the result of simple misunderstandings. It’s best to initiate communication with the seller as soon as you recognise a potential problem.

You can open a dispute in the Resolution Centre within 45 calendar days of payment.
By opening a dispute, you are able to communicate directly with your seller to work out a problem transaction.

If you and your seller are unable to agree on a solution, you must escalate the dispute to a PayPal claim within 20 calendar days of the date the dispute was opened. By escalating to a claim, you would be asking PayPal to review the case and decide the outcome.

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if i was you i'd get the claim in asap, as long as your've allowed the time that paypal requires, if the seller sorts you out you in the meantime you can always close it, he might be stringing you along because hes in the process of transferring the money out of his account.
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