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Found 31st Jan 2011
I sold a few bits on ebay recently Got some good prices but some really bad ones!!
Im thinking is ist better to do buy it now these days?
Whats everyone else opnion on it?

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i do mostly buy it now, but im sure i can do better for some things at auction..its chance mostly i think..imo

Swing and roundabouts. Sometimes it's really good other time nothing sells even though you have a stack of watchers?

I sold a book last weekend for £150, so that would be a good week, on the other hand I had another just as rare going for £75 with no interest at all !

You can never tell. . .
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I always used to do auctions but found that, like you, some things were going for ridiculously low prices. I've now changed tack and find that it you put them on a buy it now with a best offer they sell well as people think they're still getting a bargain if they put in an offer and getting it lower than the original price. However, I always add a bit extra to the original price (not too high to put buyers off) to compensate for any offers made and you wouldn't believe how many people pay the full price without evening putting in an offer so I make more than I was expecting.

I really have found this way of selling to be a lot better and I must admit that as a buyer I am prepared to pay a little more to be able to buy it there and then rather than wait for the auction to end and then compete with others.

Hope this helps and future selling improves. Did also try to sell on here but the rules and regulations were far too complicated so I gave up!! Wish there was a cheaper ebay out there as their charges nowadays are extortionate, I think they realise we can't go anywhere else!!

In general I dont think people are buying as much as say a year or two ago no one has any spare cash - but you do get the occasional person that pays the asking price! I personally list 99p and take the risk have been lucky sometimes and sometimes not so lucky. I agree with Annie I do the same buy it now price with best offers and set the settings within reason as some people want to pay pennies.
Annie dont be put off with selling here (HUKD) once you know the rules it's okay (I think) lol

I seem to do ok on ebay, I always try selling on here first though

I dont sell on ebay any more.

Quite frankly their policies, attitudes towards sellers, ownership of paypal and the imposed fees scares me, it really does.

and tbh i am surprised how there isnt more of an outcry from people who sell on ebay about it!

My other theory for ebay isn't that people aren't buying as much on there, in these times I think there's probably more people buying cheaper on ebay. On the flip side though, I think the problem is that 10 times more people are now selling on ebay, trying to find a few extra pennies in these hard times, so as a buyer, if you are looking for say a child's dress from Next in age 6, instead of there used to be probably 100 dresses now there are probably 500 dresses hence peoples bids are spread out so you don't get so much for your item.

I also agree with the customer service for sellers, all I ever sell is my family's stuff which yes, is a lot - OK I buy far too much!! But they insisted that due to the volumes I sell that I was a business seller. Despite me trying to convince them that I only sell one of each item and bulk sell when each new season starts, and I've done this for about the last 5 years they refused to budge and insisted that I change to a business account, I had no choice in the matter whatsoever.

So I agree with Jetpac but as discussed above, there's nowhere else that you can sell that will get to such a vast audience and they know that, hence they can do what they flipping well like!!

I've gone right off them, they charge too much when selling and the deals from sellers are found cheaper elsewhere.
I buy the odd cable or mob case, thats all
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