Ebay buy it now bargains

Anybody know a way of searching for buy it now bargains (ie an item listed at a killer price on a buy it now) before it's too late. I've seen several listings recently which have closed within minutes of starting just wondered if there was a secret!


you can set up email alerts when stuff matching a certain search criteria is listed - have a look somewhere in the favourite searches I think.

I've found over the last few months, that when I've put something on BIN, by the time I have confirmed the listing and gone to look at the page I've just created, there are usually at least 5 views on the page already so i get a feeling some people just sit there hitting F5 or something and getting in there early!

i think its just a case of filtering for buy it now.... sorting the results by NEWLY LISTED at the top... and as pete says hitting f5 every now and then!

Use the advanced option

Put in the item your searching for in the desciption fields
Search for BIN
Set the max price

Subscribe to the email alert for it to and voila!

(Edit: And dont forget Quidco!)

I have saved searches that look at newly listed BIN auctions for things i buy regularly. It is possible to have these saved searches email you when a new matching item is posted. So all you would have to do is put in a price limit that is not as high as the item you are searching for should be... and bingo email > click > buy > recieve > relist

I usally filter on BIN then put it on lowest first

What type of stuff are we talking about ?

Anyone got any pure bargains from doing this ?

I find my two best searches are for no (giving me no reserve items) and for the BIN stuff newly listed... I search within 50 miles so I can collect when available... Just a few tips ;o)

This is the way I get my best bargains:
Search for - ("pick up only",pickup,"no postage","will not post") tick the search title and description box and within 50 miles of my postcode.
You can get some amazing deals on stuff where postage isn't offered (far fewer potential buyers)
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