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hi i listed an item on ebay and added a buy it now of 24.99, when it was listed this displayed correctly last night. today when i checked on it i had a couple of bidders but the buy it now does not show up.
i tried checking what i can modify and it shows up on that page but not on my listing. when i seach for the item in buy it now it is also not listed where as last night it was.
sent ebay 3 emails today and i get no answer from them.

rep for any ebay experts that can tell me whats going on.


Once a bid has been placed the buy it now option goes I'm afraid.

yeh a bid cuts out bin


The Buy It Now price disappears after the first bid is placed, or if … The Buy It Now price disappears after the first bid is placed, or if you've placed a reserve price and it's met, except for some categories where the Buy It Now price is available for a longer time. Learn more about ]selling with Buy it Now and the changes to its availability for select categories

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thanks all i will rep each of you, seems like a bad system to me to be honest.

The only way it would stay, is if the item was, say £100, and you started the bidding at 99p, with a reserve of £50.

In this case, the Buy it Now of £100 would stay until the reserve was met.

As you can't put a reserve on anything under £50, you can only use it for high value items.
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