Ebay buy it now rip off

I just bid on someone's item to cancel his buy it now price to stop other people buying it now so that I get a chance to bid at a lower price.

But now the seller has paid ebay for the buy it now that well doesn't exist any more. Thought they stopped it from doing that a while ago? It's a bit unfair for the seller but works in my favour.


Sure is a rip off. I only ever do BIN-only auctions and add in the "make me an offer" option. Or just do a standard auction if I'm not bothered about the final price.

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They should of had a reserve to stop it going

That'll be when it doesn't work then

I agree its rip off from ebay as recently i have sold couple of items and on all of them i put buy it now as i didnt know about the charges and when i got invocie i was like what??? so i will say eBay is now in list of rip off sites..
well but can't live without eBay so. have to deal with it.


Never mind. You can still rip off the seller by doing a Paypal … Never mind. You can still rip off the seller by doing a Paypal chargeback for non-receipt if there is no proof of delivery. You can write a nursery rhyme in the dispute box and you'll still get your money back. No questions asked.

eh?, you weren't prepared to pay the bin price but you wanted to stop anyone else doing it?, whos the rip off merchant exactly?


Doesn't BIN price cost 6p an item?

I'm sure he'll live....

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wouldn't know vibe it's been a while
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