eBay buyer failing to complete a deal. What would you do?

Found 2nd Apr 2018
There are those on here who dislike the term eScam but oh how very true it remains.
Take this weeks example;

The buyer asked many questions and then bought. We agree collection will be after the weekend. 2 days later I get a msg saying the neighbour has given her the same item and she wont be picking mine up.

I msg back that the sale needs to be cancelled by the buyer so others can see what kind of buyer she is and so I can get my fees back.

Then I get a msg saying I am being funny with her and her dad has been lost and she wont be picking up. She knows all the tricks about cancelling an order and how to get fees back.

When going through eBay's process, it is very obvious they want me to cancel the order and not share any knowledge of her trustworthiness.

Am I alone in thinking these people need to be held accountable for their behaviour? And that eBay really are proving themselves to be eScam for wanting to protect these people?

Maybe she has lost her dad. Maybe not. Cancelling the purchase is going to be less grief than having to respond to eBay about why she is failing to complete on a deal.
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Getting the buyer to cancel the order doesn't allow others to see what kind of buyer she is. It's upto you to cancel and get your fees back through the correct channels. It sucks that there's no recompense for NPBs (like being able to leave them neg feedback) but that's the way it is.
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Know what you mean. Ebay do have a well hidden feature that clocks non payers. You can bar such people from your auctions - its an option buried a long way down the ad when you compose it. But it requires participation and eBay clearly don't want that.
Don't deal with him again
You can still leave a positive feedback in capitals saying they didn't collect & pay.

I've done it many a time as people don't realise they can get it removed.

It's amazing how many non payers have a death in the family.

Just cancel the sale and as above block them.
If they haven't paid, on day 2 open a non paying buyer case. Wait 4 days and close it as not being paid. They get a strike and neither of you can leave feedback. You also get your final selling fees back.
It is frustrating OP and as soon I sell all my eBay items I'll be a buyer only. eBay has gone terrible over recent years. Did u manage to open a non payment? On the app click on selling and find it then select more options, it's normally there somewhere, Google final value fees then, what makes eBay more annoying is when ever u ring about a complex matter you're always thrown from pillar to post to someone off shoes who u can't understand and who can't understand u, sure they do this on purpose to fuel u up more than u already r
Only thing you can do is report her but you'll never know if and what action has been taken against her account.

You could refuse to cancel the transaction and open an unpaid item case.
She can then pay to close it if she wants to (but she will be able to leave feedback) or wait until it closes without payment and she'll get a strike as a non payer and won't be able to leave feedback.
Thanks for the responses. Opened a non payment which got her emailing again to get me to cancel the sale. On the 6th, I can close the case and get the refund but, sadly, I very much doubt it will dent her buyer rating. eBay are such sh!tsters
I sell all the time on eBay, things like this happen from time to time (that's the price of doing business), I don't even batter an eyelid anymore. You need to desensitise yourself when selling on there. If I had your experience I would've just rolled my eyes and moved on.
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