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EBay Buyer requesting to return item!! “ Poor eyesight “

Posted 22nd May 2021
Sold a gift set of coffee / barista accessories.
Buyer wants to return because she thought she would get a 500£ coffee machine new for 85£ included in the accessories kit.
gift set I sold retail for over 160

The listing content of box gift set clearly stated in listing description. Did not mention you get machine.

Gift set was brand new & sealed it’s not anymore as she opened it & eBay request states If I accept return I have to pay for return postage ?!
I didn’t accept returns in my listing.

The following description in listing and there is no indication you would get a barista coffee machine.

The set includes all the utensils for preparing perfect espresso and is an absolute must for any kitchen.

Box contents: 1x bean container (without beans), 1x the Knock BoxTM Mini, 4x Bodum cappuccino glasses, 2x Bodum espresso glasses, 1x tamper mat, 1x milk jug, microfibre cloths: 4x grey and 4x black, 2x Sage to go cups.”

Here is what the buyer said in opening return request due to “ missing part or pieces “

I am afraid I assumed this item had a coffee machine with it. So imagine my disppointment when I opened it. Unforturtunately It is really of no use to me without a machine. I would therefore like to return it for refund.Ap0logies for \ny mistakes in this messagee, but my eyesight is now so bad I have a job too see.

What is my options here ? I don’t accept returns when I listed
Also I don’t see why I should be responsible for return postage or the original shipping costs.
She had also provided the wrong delivery address originally so had to contact ups to get the address changed after first delivery attempt as she didn’t live there anymore.

I’m hoping there is some sellers with experience that can guide me here please?!
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