Ebay Buyer Says My New With Tags Item Smells Of Cologne / Is Used! I'm Shocked

Posted 26th Nov 2022 (Posted 5 h, 11 m ago)
Beginning to wonder now if I will have to do an ebay tale of woe weekly thread...

I am quite new to ebay and have sold a few items so far.

A few days ago, I sold a New With Tags jacket. I had to take it out the packing (briefly) as one ebayer wanted me to measure it for him (thought he was going to buy, but he then disappeared).

Obviously, it was still tagged and unworn.

Today I got a message that absolutely left me speechless. He's saying it's worn and smells of cologne! I got this message and pictures:

Hi there, I have received the jacket today and when I opened it I could smell Mens cologne and signs that it was used. Please see pictures
4038070_1.jpg4038070_1.jpg4038070_1.jpgYes, I see bits of fluff on it (it was measured on a carpeted floor) but that is all the "use" it has had - it was out its packet for mere minutes, that's it.

I am very honest with sellers as I know how nitpicky ebayers can be. It has absolutely not been worn and if it smells of cologne it can only be his! I'm wondering if his sending pictures without the tags is intentional.

I am shocked and quite upset by this turn of events, as from a remote seller point of view, it's a he said-she said situation.

Turns out he messaged me as I compiled this post. I told him I was upset and I am scrupulous about descriptions - if he is unhappy with the garment or it doesn't fit, fair enough, return it. But I absolutely refuse to accept a lie directed at me. I assume he's going to leave a Neg:

My dear I am not alleging anything it is the way I see it. Anyway just leave it as it is. Just a piece of advise, next time you received a message from a buyer would be nice to hear the complaint first and then try to deal with in a nice way. Have a good day

WTF. I hope my Saturday gets better I have a previous Positive for this item (and "cologne man" haggled to get it a bit cheaper)4038070-4N5Ww.jpg
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    It's important to remember that some people are just ***ks and the problem with ebay is that you have no warning that they are one until the deal is made.

    When you encounter one, just forget about it and count the money that you got from them.

    Also remember: no matter how bad an interaction you have as a seller on ebay, people in retail shops will encounter worse, five times an hour, every working hour.
    Nearly two weeks ago a lady stated that she had asked for another shade when it was a clearly described, one item Buy It Now listing, with no suggestion there were other shades available. I received no messages from her about different varieties.

    She replied (when I said, are you messaging the correct seller?) you are not helpful.

    Maybe it's going to be, one idiot every ten days or so.

    Well aware how people in the retail trade get treated, you really do need a thick skin. (edited)
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    EBay can be a nightmare I once had someone say they havnt received item sent with Hermes he soon changed his mind when I sent him the photo Hermes took showed his house number and him with the parcel in his hand
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    Stop selling on ebay. However, with the tags on there is almost no point that it was used.

    I had recently some idiot on gumtree asking a question every minute for an item that was for FREE. At the end I took it into the garden, burned it and sent him the pictures.
    Yes I've had problems when I try to give things away free
    I was giving away cardboard packing boxes once
    Not only did the person want the measurements they then wanted a picture of the boxes 😳
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    Message them and say, That's funny because I can smell bull
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    Vinted is so much better for selling clothes.
    No it’s not 
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    You beat me to it
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    Who goes to Germany wearing a jacket with the tags still on it?
    Dusseldorf I can understand....
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    What kind of monster wears clothes and leaves the tags on (ok maybe if you were shoplifting). I mean it could smell of anything unless it was stored in a vacuum.
    Haha, I do know of women who do this with dresses, but if it smells of cologne, it's his. I was defending myself against a lie, so I'm guessing the "you should be nicer to sellers who complain" means "I want a partial refund" in ebay passive aggressive (liar) speak.
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    I can’t see the smell of cologne..

    but they’ve tricked you..

    they made you open the package so they could claim it was used. I expect they have pictures of this , if it goes to a eBay claim ..

    the cologne smells, maybe your carpet smells fresh, and the aroma got on the jacket..

    they are trying to get you to offer a partial refund
    To be fair, it was a previous buyer who wanted the armpit to armpit measurement, maybe it picked up fluff from the floor (I did give it a shake before repacking it!). There is a bit of a contrast in the fabric (from shoulder to arm) but that's just how it looks, I can't ascertain wear and tear from the pictures, and I can't smell photographs.

    Of course if it has fluff on it I'm very sorry and I should have taken a fluff brush to it (don't have one here..!) but the it's been worn / cologne allegation is complete fiction. I don't like being lied to but I don't mind sorting honest complaints. (edited)
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    Who the hell does this for a bit of fluff on a jacket... It could have come from his own house anyway. Don't be discouraged, if we all got discouraged by people like that we wouldn't go anywhere or do anything, they are legion after all. It seems like people just can't be reasonable with anything or anyone these days, I try to just let it go the majority of the time... which is really hard in some cases, but I try to reason with myself that they are getting what they want when you get angry, so you're only hurting yourself hanging onto it.
    Hope you're able to put it behind you, and have no more trouble from them or others.
    Good point.

    I thought that myself (about the fluff maybe coming from his). We DO dogsit but she comes here every couple of months - last visited about August and she is a doberman (black with no white bits - the hair in one photo looks white to me). I know I'm getting a bit long in the tooth but it doesn't look like a grey human hair!

    My partner is a hairy man monkey but he is dark (not that I'm implying it's that sort of hair, but you get the gist).

    I did give it a quick brush down and shake before I repacked and thought it looked fine at my end.

    Just a piece of advise, next time you received a message from a buyer would be nice to hear the complaint first and then try to deal with in a nice way.
    stuck in my craw a bit, he's basically saying I should be "nicer" = partially refund him, for a bunch of lies. I was perfectly reasonable in my messages, just shocked and a bit puzzled, as anyone would be. (edited)
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    I can't see there is a lot of profit in selling clothes on eBay unless of course they are designer clothes, can't see the anybody would make more than 10 or 20 pounds
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    Aaah, that must be so annoying . Hopefully it gets resolved, and the other one too.
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    This sort of stuff makes me so angry! Just chancers chancing their arm!
    The rather condescending reply Just a piece of advise, next time you received a message from a buyer would be nice to hear the complaint first and then try to deal with in a nice way. Have a good day is the buyer showing his true colours.

    I don't even know if you can report buyers for borderline threatening sellers.
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    Lessons for next time, don't worry about the Cologne side can't really do much about that. But take photos of the items Witt the tags in before packaging with he date on phone preferably and address of the person you sending to to prove it's got them on. Some people make a video of them packing it just incase someone makes stuff up. I would have explained i don't have or use Cologne, so maybe the delivery driver or some other item in the delivery had it you don't know how the smell got there and as they can clearly see the tags were in it if it has been worn you didn't notice it when you originally purchased it from the shop.
    It was shipped new, tagged and in cellophane packaging, packed in a not-smelly cardboard box. A cologne scent transferring from the delivery driver is so implausible as to be unbelievable, really.

    There is no way it would smell of anything, having only been out its retail packaging for mere minutes (to measure and reply to a previous prospective purchaser). It hadn't been worn at all.

    I'd purchased it a week or two before and it was stored safely - his final message to me, Just a piece of advise, next time you received a message from a buyer would be nice to hear the complaint first and then try to deal with in a nice way. Have a good day is him showing himself. Because he wants a partial refund. (edited)
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