ebay buying problem

hi all,
i bought an item from ebay, paid the invoice via paypal, and sat back waiting for the item.
i then received an e mail from the seller telling me that i needed to pay an extra £10 postage as i live in belfast.
the listing stated £13.95 to Uk,
Belfast is part of the UK so i fail to see why i should pay any more money,
if the seller failed to mention this on their listing then they should have to take the hit for the extra piostage as its not my fault they cant list items properly.
they have threatened my 100% feedback score with bad feedback unless i pay theman extra £10.
i have forwarded all the emails to ebay customer services.
i would appereciate ur thoughts please.:-(


I guess they sending by courier and the courier they use doesn't cover N.Ireland and its part of U.K so they should have stated this in 1st place in listing.I was on understanding a seller could add extra services to postage costs if they already stated their costs upfront but don't think it works that they can ask for an extra £10 just like that in this case.
Don't think they can threaten you with paying more postage,personally to have to pay £24 postage for an item to be delivered,I wouldn't want to so I would say to seller,I'm not interested in the item now,if they strike you then its too bad really,you need 3 strikes for not paying to be kicked off by eBay.
You say you contacted eBay,they probably say sort the matter between yourselves.
If you get a neg its no big deal,can't please everyone all of the time.

Also cos you paid by Paypal,if they don't send you your item then you ujust got open up a dispute and they need refund you in the end so I wouldn't worry about the money you already paid.
The seller could send the item by Standard Parcels probably,but I understand as a seller myself,I be very reluctant to send that way due to me not knowing if the item as genuinely arrived or not and buyers out there wanting a freebie.

Just tell them you won't pay the extra, as it's not your responsibility to cover their mistake. If they are gonna play the twit and threaten negative feedback, tell them they have 2 options: 1. Muturally agree not to complete the sale and both leave each other positive feedback or 2. You'll demand they send the item at the price you already agreed to pay or you will have them for 'non performing seller' (aka no extra £10) and you'll still leave them a negative for being a twit :P
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